Loyalty Program

Not every company can boast cool and interesting bonuses, not to mention a loyalty program. However, you are with RocketPlay, which means that the Rocket Play online casino loyalty program is already waiting for you. What is this program? What can you expect from her? Instructions for use? But what is so incredible about it? All these questions will now be answered.

What is a loyalty program and what are the benefits for casino players?

The main task of the Rocket Play Denmark casino loyalty program is to give portal customers as many gaming options as possible. In this case, this is achieved in a simple way – part of the money spent on bets is returned to the player. It is a good opportunity and a great offer from the institution, because even in the event of a loss, you will not lose absolutely all of your savings. A certain percentage will still be returned to your account for retries and no questionable winnings.


Since the portal offers to make money bets on different entertainments, the repayment of the lost capital takes place in different ways. So there are two main types of refunds:

  • Cashback from slots;
  • Cashback from live entertainment.

Therefore, each return has its own conditions. However, there are certain rules that must be followed in each individual case. Firstly, only a certain percentage of real money spent on bets can be returned. Bonus accumulation is not taken into account. Second, the rate of return depends on your playing status. Third, all returned funds must be replayed.

Types of loyalty programs that rocket games can offer

We have no doubt that the Rocket Play loyalty program will open new horizons for you. As you already managed to understand from the above information, the main purpose of the loyalty program is to return a certain percentage of spent real funds. For a better understanding of this process and types of cashback, we offer you a structured table that describes each type of program in detail.


Type Conditions
Cashback from slots A maximum of 15% of the amount spent can be returned. It depends on the personal playing status – the higher it is, the higher the percentage. Cashback is earned every Monday. To play it, 3 days are given (including Wednesday). Registration takes place automatically. The range of repayments varies from 1 dollar/euro to 8/5 thousand dollars/euro.
Cashback from live entertainment A maximum of 10% of the funds used can be returned. It depends on the personal playing status – the higher it is, the higher the percentage. Cashback is earned every Thursday. Registration takes place automatically. Only used real bankroll is taken into account. The range of repayments varies from 5 dollars/euro to 8/5 thousand dollars/euro.

Summarizing all of the above, it is fair to say that by becoming a customer of the establishment, you get the best casino loyalty program Rocket Play and all the privileges and benefits that a gambler can only imagine. Even more possibilities, even more attempts and thus even more victories!

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