The roulette wheel was originally developed in the 17th century by a physicist who tried in vain to create a perpetual motion machine. While this type of wheel was used for other forms of gambling in the 17th century, only a century later roulette was also played for the first time in France.

Roulette translates from French as a small wheel. Roulette cells are numbered from 0 to 36, with some games having two zeros. The numbers are marked in red or black, and players place their bets on them.

The game is very simple. The croupier or dealer launches a small ball in the direction opposite to the spinning wheel, wins the number and color in whose pocket the ball falls. Each number has a small hole around the wheel where the ball can fall, losing speed.

Different betting options have different values, as some examples allow players to bet on individual numbers, groups of numbers, or colors. The simplicity of the game, combined with the many different betting options, is one reason why roulette is so popular.

There are different betting options for different types of games that dictate their own rules, so make sure you understand what type of game you are playing before you start.

Roulette at RocketPlay Casino

Roulette tips

Before you start playing RocketPlay online roulette tips, we’ve put together some tips to help you understand the rules of the game. Although roulette is actually based entirely on luck, it helps to figure out what types of bets are available. Also make sure you know the different rules for each type of game, which we’ll cover below.

Understanding Roulette Betting

One of the main reasons roulette is so popular is because there are a wide variety of bets available in the game. If you are looking for a high risk, high reward game, go for RocketPlay online roulette free spin. Also, if you want to play without risk, this is also available at the roulette table. All players have different betting options, and depending on which you want to bet, one may be more profitable than the other.

What are internal and external bets?

Roulette tables have a number of types of bets both inside and outside the numbers of the wheel. When you visit a land-based casino, the roulette table is next to the wheel, where you have the option of placing chips on the table at the appropriate bet you want to make. When playing online, simply choose your bet type from the range offered and place your bet.

Inside Bets

Inside bets refer to any type of bet that applies to specific numbers or groups of numbers. These are bets with higher risk, but higher risk results in higher payouts. Inside bets include:

A specific number – Here you choose a specific number on the wheel. The odds range from 35 to 1. So, for example, if you choose number 10 and bet €10, you can win €350 if the ball falls in the hole with the number 10. All numbers have the same chance of winning.

Bet on two numbers (split) – This bet allows you to make a choice on any two adjacent numbers on the wheel. If either number comes up, you win. For example, you can choose 1 and 2. This odds should be 17 to 1. So if you bet €10 on 1 and 2 and the ball falls on 2, you will get €170.

A three-number (straight) bet is a line bet of three numbers. You choose a row of adjacent numbers to bet on, and if the ball lands in any row, you win. This bet pays out 11 to 1. Thus, by taking a bet of 10 euros, you will earn 110 euros if you win.

A four-number (corner or cross) bet is a corner bet, a bet in which the ball will fall on one of the four numbers. The numbers must touch each other in a square on the RocketPlay online casino roulette table. This bet pays out 8 to 1, but when you bet 10 euros you get 80 euros if the ball falls on any of your numbers.

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Six Number Bet (Double Straight) – Similar to line betting, instead of a three-digit line you will bet on two lines, for a total of six numbers. These should be consecutive lines on the RocketPlay online roulette strategy table. These costs are sometimes called six-step bets, and they range from 5 to 1.

Basket Basket bet (top line) – this type of bet has the highest casino advantage ratio compared to other types of bets in RocketPlay bonus online roulette, reaching 7.9%. It’s a bet on the first five numbers on the roulette table and pays out 6 to 1. If you bet 10 euros, you will win 60 euros if one of the chosen numbers comes out. To play better you need to learn RocketPlay online roulette strategy.

External Bets

External bets are placed outside of the RocketPlay download online roulette table. These are usually safer bets that allow you to bet on a large number of groups. All of these bets lose if the ball drops to 0 or 00. Outside bets include:

Bet on Red or Black – Bet on whether a red or black number wins. If you look at the roulette wheel, you will see that all numbers are red, black or green. 0 and 00 are the only green numbers. All others are either red or black. This bet is equal to the cash bet, giving you a 1x chance if you win. However, if 0 and 00 roll, it does not mean a 50/50 bet. If you bet €10 on black and the ball falls on a black number, you will get €10.

Betting on even or odd is another even bet, you bet on whether the ball falls on an odd or even number. Again, if the ball falls on 0 or 00, you lose even if you choose to bet on an even number.

Betting on big and small numbers is a bet in which the ball falls on the smaller of the numbers (1-18) or the larger of the numbers (19-36). This is another equal bet. From a bet of 10 euros the winnings will be 10 euros.

Column bets – the roulette table can be divided into three vertical columns. This is a bet that the ball will fall on any of the twelve numbers in the column you choose. Each column pays out a bet of 2 to 1, doubling your bet if you win.

Dozen Wagers – This bet also applies to the twelve numbers, but this time in sequential order. So you can choose the first twelve numbers 1-12, the second twelve numbers 13-24, or the third 25-36. The odds are 2:1, which gives you €20 to win if you bet €10.

Other bets

Some special types of RocketPlay online roulette Australia, including French roulette, may include other types of bets. For example, such as:

Voisons du zero is French for neighbors with zero. In other words, it’s a bet for seventeen numbers on the wheel on either side of zero. The bet is divided into nine types in which you can find five splits, double lines and corner bets.

Jeu zero is known as a game of zero. Similar to Voisons du zero in that it refers to numbers that are closest to zero, but arranged differently. The bet is divided into four parts, where you can find three splits and one bet on a prime number.

Tiers du cylindre is the third part of the wheel. This bet includes twelve numbers with six splits, which is about a third of the entire RocketPlay online roulette real money wheel.

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Orphelins are orphans, eight numbers are not included in the Tiers or Voisons bets. Your bet is divided by five, where four splits and one bet on a prime number appear.

Neighbors – Neighbors Bets are when you choose a number to bet on a prime number as well as two adjacent numbers on each side.

Final Bets – The final bet is on all numbers with the same last digit. For example, if you place a final bet on 0, all numbers ending in 0 will be considered a prime numbers bet. Most numbers have four individual bets. 7 and 9 are just three.