Blackjack online is gaining enormous popularity, as more and more players prefer to play online instead of visiting traditional casinos. Due to its incredible popularity, this classic game, which requires a certain level of skill, is now available to play on a personal computer or laptop as well as on mobile devices and in casinos with live dealers.

In RocketPlay online blackjack is a favorite among players because the results of this game depend on your skill level rather than the randomness inherent in playing slot machines or roulette. As a game of skill, blackjack gives you control over the outcome, increasing your chances of winning at both traditional and virtual casinos.

Blackjack online casino

Blackjack is an easy game to learn, but it is not easy to become a professional player. The aim of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible, but no more than 21. The player who gets the closest to 21 points wins! If you can keep track of the cards you’ve played, you gain an advantage because you’ll know how useful the cards left in the game can be to you. You can try different varieties of this game, but if you prefer the classics, we recommend the European Blackjack Gold Series from the well-known provider Microgaming.

Not only do modern casinos offer blackjack games with computer generated results, but you can also play blackjack live. You’ll be able to play with a real dealer who will not only deal the cards, but also have a friendly conversation with you. 

Fans of blackjack will enjoy other types of table games, such as:

  • roulette.
  • video poker.
  • baccarat.
  • sic bo, etc.

Before you play RocketPlay blackjack bonus it is worth practicing, because experienced players will be playing against you! If you are new to the game, we advise you to practice before you raise your stakes by playing for real money.

The rules

Blackjack RocketPlay, in Australia known as twenty-one, attracts players with the speed and simplicity of the game combined with a high probability of winning. With the right tactics, the casino has an advantage of about 0.5%, which is times more profitable than playing video slots or roulette. But we will talk about the game strategies below, but now explain the basic rules.

The main thing a beginner should remember: the goal is not to collect 21 points, but to collect more points than the dealer, but not more than 21. The counting is done as follows:

  • Numbered cards correspond to the denomination indicated;
  • pictures count for 10 points;
  • An ace gives either one or 11 points, whichever is more advantageous to the player.

A combination of two cards, one of which is an Ace and the other is any card that gives 10 points, is called blackjack and is considered the strongest of the possible combinations. It pays 3:2, while other winning combinations are paid 1:1.

How to Play Blackjack

Although details may vary according to the rules of the casino or software provider, traditionally the game involves the following steps.

When the players have made their bets, the dealer deals two cards open and only one of his cards opens.

After evaluating his combination and the dealer’s card, the player can finish the cards.

Blackjack online casino 2

Sometimes in blackjack there is an option to surrender (Surrender) and return half of the bet – appropriate if the player is sure that his combination is weaker than that of the dealer.

Losing counts when the hand exceeds 21 points.

After opening a second card, the dealer must catch up to at least 17 points, then stop.

When the dealer finishes fetching cards, players who have more points than the dealer wins. If there’s a tie, the bet is refunded.

Now let’s look at the finer points of the game, such as splits and doubles.

A double is a doubling of the bet if you’re sure to win after the first two cards have been dealt. After doubling the bet, only one additional card is dealt to the player.

Split is an opportunity to play two hands. If the player receives two cards of the same rank at the time of dealing, he is entitled to add an equal bet and split the pair into two hands. In this case, further it is required to get cards into each hand, combinations which are evaluated independently of each other.

Features of the game when Blackjack

When a player has blackjack, the victory can be considered guaranteed. However, there is a nuance here: it is possible that the dealer will also roll blackjack. Therefore, if the dealer has an open ace, the player is offered equal money (Even money). If the player agrees, the payout is 1:1 instead of the typical blackjack 3:2, and the round ends there.

If the dealer has an open ace, meaning there’s a high probability of collecting blackjack, players are offered insurance. This means that you can bet half of the regular bet that the dealer will have blackjack. When a second card of ten or a picture comes up, the insurance pays 2:1; otherwise, it is burned.

When blackjack is rolled by the dealer, all players lose, except those who also have blackjack. The latter remain on their own if they have not previously agreed to equal money.

Play blackjack for free

If you’ve only known about blackjack by hearsay before, we recommend trying out a demo version of the card game before risking any real money. Trial versions are available for almost all games, and in a number of casinos you’ll be able to run the free version not only for authorized users, but also for guests of the site. In some live casinos, customers can simply watch the gameplay and learn how to bet from experienced players.

Thus, free play allows you to get into the essence and develop a RocketPlay blackjack strategy without unnecessary risks. If, however, you don’t want to waste time looking for the best solutions, as well as relying on luck, then we advise you to use a ready-made, long-developed and least risky blackjack tactic.

Blackjack online casino 3

A classic blackjack strategy

Since blackjack is a popular game of chance with a long history, it’s no surprise that a clear strategy has been devised to increase your odds of winning by up to 49.5%. The most convenient way to get acquainted with the basic strategy is in the form of a table, which can easily be found on the Internet. The table gives clear instructions on how a player should act depending on the cards in his hand and the dealer’s open card. For example, if you are dealt an 11 and the dealer’s open card is not an Ace, it is recommended that you double your bet. You split two aces or two eights with any dealer’s hand, but it’s always better to stop at two tens: not to gain anything and refuse split.

Thus, using the solutions proposed in the table and not deviating from the instructions, you can achieve good results. But, most importantly, do not forget that a lot in gambling depends on luck. Do not be persistent, worthy of a better cause, trying to get back what you lost, if today is not your day. It is important to clearly define the amount of bets and allowable limit of funds for the game and in any case not to go beyond the planned budget.

Blackjack for real money

Every online casino today offers at least a dozen varieties of blackjack, and the number often exceeds a hundred. When deciding which room to play RocketPlay online blackjack real money, look out for table games tournaments where you can win valuable prizes.

It is also good if the online casino offers cashback on card and live games, as this will help to recover some of the money lost after a bad week. Finally, you should only play at reliable sites so that you can be sure that the operator will pay you the money you’ve earned if you win.

Blackjack from the best providers

Since RocketPlay download blackjack confidently holds the leading position among the popular card games, dozens of software providers offer their users the appropriate products. For example, the company Amatic is known for its classic version of Black Jack. But the studio Betsoft, in addition to the standard game American Blackjack, created 21 Burn Blackjack, where after the distribution of one of the two cards can be burned for half the original bet.

Manufacturer iSoftBet offers several types of RocketPlay online blackjack Australia, including Blackjack Multihand, released in 2020, where the user has the right to make up to three bets, that is, to collect up to three combinations per game. Also please with a variety of games developer Play’N Go, in the line of which, among others, there is Double Exposure BlackJack MH. The latter differs in that the dealer lays both his cards open, that is, the player initially has a clear idea of the strength of the opponent’s hand.

The advantage of the casino in this case is compensated by other parameters, for example, blackjack is paid 1:1, and with an equal number of points the victory is awarded to the dealer. You should also pay attention to the beautifully designed game Lucky Blackjack by Yggdrasil, which is interesting because of the presence of additional bets. Lucky Ladies and Lucky Lucky side bets win on a roll in the original deal of certain cards and are paid at a ratio of up to 1:500, which certainly attracts gamblers.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for blackjack with computer programs, both for money and in RocketPlay blackjack online free. Once you have practiced, you can move on to live dealer games.

Blackjack in a live casino

When choosing a live dealer game, pay attention to the software manufacturer. A wide range of blackjack games is offered by NetEnt, for instance. Perfect Blackjack, where cards are dealt by the dealer in accordance with the strategy described above, will be ideal for the newcomer, increasing the player’s return to 99.66%. Also available in the game is an autoplay feature, when enabled, splits and doubles will also be carried out automatically, according to the standard strategy.

Blackjack online casino 4

The undisputed leader in the live casino market is still the Evolution Gaming studio. Of course, the provider could not ignore such a popular game as blackjack, so you will find a variety of game options. So, experienced users will suit Speed Blackjack, when after the first two cards are dealt players decide what to do next, not one by one, but simultaneously, and the first to finish the card is the one who made the decision faster than the others. Lovers of good fun should try Blackjack Party – a game with low stakes in the style of a fun party. Music, lively chat and cheerful duo of dealer and host will not let you get bored.