Rocket Play VIP

Do you want to feel like a valued customer and join the elite cohort? Then you should learn more about the Rocket Play casino vip program. In this article, we will find out the basic information about what this program is, what benefits you can get from it, and how to become a member of it.


What Is an Online Casino VIP Program?

Do not forget that everything works in an integrated manner. This also applies to the online casino Rocket Play vip program. That is, it does not work independently of other promotions and bonus gifts. It is a carefully thought out system that works for the benefit of the client. Do not believe it? Still think that gambling establishments are not interested in their customers’ winnings? Then it’s time to dispel these myths and stereotypes. And dry facts about Rocket Play casino best vip program will help you in this:

  • The points accumulation program starts from the moment the player registers on the official portal. Gambler is immediately assigned a base level from which he begins his journey to VIP status.
  • There are 10 game levels in total. All of them increase not only in the number of points that must be accumulated for the transition, but also in the amount of opportunities.
  • For reaching each new level, the client receives free spins on a number of slots. They are valid for 5 days.
  • To receive Comp Points, you must bet on real money. You will receive one point by placing a bet of 20 EUR or 30 AUD.

As you can see, everything is extremely simple and clear. There is no need to do anything special here. Everything happens automatically. You just receive a special notification about reaching a new status. So make deposits, use a real bankroll and get dividends for it.

How to Sign Up For a VIP Program & Claim Reward

In order to sign up for the VIP program and participate in it, all you have to do is register on the portal, create your own account and place bets for real money. Virtual CompPoints are automatically awarded for every real €20 or AUD 30 spent on bets. Any entertainment in which you use your own real bankroll is taken into account here.

Rewards of Rocket Play casino vip program Australia are prominent. Each new status will bring much better terms of cooperation and more profitable bonuses. Of course, everything depends on the status, but even after gaining the first levels, the gambler will be happy to receive additional incentives. Depending on the level, it is:

  • Additional free spins in slots (from 10 for Bronze level to 300 for Silver Legend);
  • Cashback (from 3% for Silver to 15% for Diamond Legend);
  • No Deposit Bonus (from €1.5k/AUD$2.3k for Gold Legend to €15k/AUD$22.5k for Diamond Legend).

As you can see, the terms and benefits are even better than you can imagine. In addition, in order to increase the status, you do not need to do anything special – only replenish your own account and make bets on the real budget. However, the essence of gambling is this. Do habitual actions and get dividends for it.

Rocket Play VIP 2


What do I get when I reach the maximum VIP level?

In this case, you will receive 15% cashback and a significant amount of no-deposit bonus. In addition, do not forget that there are almost no restrictions for such elite players, and all promotions and gifts are calculated at maximum bets.


How to earn 1 virtual coin for the next level?

Each point is credited after the ambler makes a deposit of 20 euros or 30 australian dollars. If you pay more money, you earn more points.

How to get a new game level?

To do this, it is necessary to replenish the account with real funds and make bets using this capital. The more funds you invest in different games (regardless of which ones, the main thing is that the bets are for real money), the faster you will earn points to move to a new level.

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