Welcome to the amazing world of live dealer games at RocketPlay live casino. Online casinos are a new form of online gambling where you can experience the authentic feel of traditional land-based casinos. RocketPlay live casino Australia offers a variety of casino table games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack and poker with friendly and experienced dealers.

RocketPlay live casino

What does live casino mean?

Where is the line between a live casino and an automated online casino? A live casino imitates the human touch that a player can get in a real physical casino. You’re basically playing against a professional dealer, not a computer in a live casino.

Online casinos can miss the allure of flashing lights and audience clapping when a big win is struck. However, we fix the classic convenience of online casinos with our hosts who can chat with you in real time.

Our live games take place in studios that combine live dealer video footage and efficient electronic data processing. While we do all the details for you, you can bet in a virtual game room with players all over the world!

Our live studios have a multi-camera feature that allows players to have a full view of the table from different angles. Expect smooth close-ups of cards, business cards and wide-angle shots. Every game will be recorded by cameras at different angles and saved for later playback.

Whatever you want to play in our RocketPlay live casino bonus game collection, we can make sure you get the highest quality iGaming experience!

How does it work?

After online casinos became available on the market in the early 90’s, a new innovation was introduced in 2003 to make casino games more interesting and fun for players. RocketPlay live casino welcome bonus works to give players a casino-like atmosphere. It has three main sections that will allow you to have fun in real time:

  • Optical character recognition or text recognition is considered one of the most important key features when it comes to live casino. OCR technology allows you to have an interactive experience while playing.
  • Webcams record everything that happens during the game. The camera also allows you to see what is happening on the other side of the screen. During the early days of live casinos, large cameras were used to record everything.
  • Game Control Unit (GCU) – The GCU is probably the most important feature of a live casino. This system assists the dealer in controlling the game, keeping the game running and relaying it to the players.
  • Live dealers complete the entire player experience in real time. Dealers are trained before they are allowed to play live with players At RocketPlay, our dealers are trained professionals who will make your gaming experience enjoyable.

The table and wheels used in live casinos consist of gauges that can turn game results into information you can access.

The monitors are a channel where the player and the dealer can see each other. This allows you and your dealer to interact with each other. It also allows the dealer to record bets and close rounds. Monitors also allow the player and dealer to communicate via Live Chat.

RocketPlay live casino 2

Games you can play at our Live Casino

You can RocketPlay live casino free play a wide selection of our table games at our live casino. You can enjoy these games live with our experienced and friendly dealers.

Live Casino Lobby

You can easily choose your choice from our selection of games. With our easy-to-navigate RocketPlay live casino bonus deposit lobby you can easily view the game play taking place at each table. You can also easily switch games in the lobby whenever you want.

Other information that can be provided in the lobby is the number of players allowed per table and already in play. The minimum and maximum bets are also listed on each table. Some tables also have certain time limits, which can be seen in the lobby.

Before deciding whether to play Blackjack or Baccarat, be sure to look at the basic gameplay at the tables, as it may be different from what you might expect!

Live Baccarat

Baccarat was the first game that became widely available in casinos with live dealers. It is also known as a favorite game of high rollers because of its simple gameplay. The traditional game of Baccarat Punto Banco is often offered on our website. There are multi-seat tables as well as single player tables.

Baccarat has very simple gameplay in which you don’t have to deal your own cards. Instead of handling your own hand, you will need to bet on the Player vs. Banker game, as they seek a total of cards equal to or close to nine (9). You can also bet on a draw, with the lowest odds but the highest earnings.

The different types available in our casino also have slight differences in the rules. This means that you should be familiar with them before starting a gaming session. The rules and odds for each option may vary from casino to casino. Be sure to read the description before you enter the room and bet your real money.

Live Casino Hold’em

Play the most popular version of poker at RocketPlay with our high-tech live casino. Live casino dealer for RocketPlay live casino games poker are a little different. They are not like the traditional poker games found in standard online poker rooms.

This is because players have to compete against the house, not against other players. If you want to play against other players, join an online poker tournament. Also, the deals are made in real time, not simulated by computer software.

RocketPlay software providers such as Evolution Gaming and Playtech provide some of the best poker games you’ll find online. That’s because their live poker games have special features.

In some games, the Ante bet gives you some pocket cards. You can also take a look at the flop.

If you decide to call, you can look at the dealer’s cards, the river, and the turn. Your payout will depend on your hand. Some other features also allow players to check or raise after the flop, turn, or river.

Features like these give players a new poker experience. Expect this to deviate far from the usual. Poker and its varieties usually involve bluffing.

Live roulette

One roulette table is used, and the dealer can even handle an infinite number of game requests. This means that you will be eligible for instant play whenever you log into your account

The most popular roulette options are available at RocketPlay. Most players usually play European roulette. Its other variants, such as French and American roulette, are also popular with players who like the extra challenge.

There is no difference between the wheels and tables available at most land-based and online casinos. The goal of the game should remain the same. Nevertheless, you should know that the three options have different payout odds and benefits.

Live entertainment at RocketPlay live casino 3

Live Blackjack

RocketPlay live casino no deposit bonus has Blackjack among the available options that its players can play. The most popular types of live blackjack are the classic multi-player table with seven seats and one with multiple options. The latter, however, is not too appealing to players who prefer to participate in a traditional blackjack game.